Derek Medhurst

My own stereo attempts

I have been taking a few stereo photos of my own. I am mainly using a Stereo Realist camera (about 55 years old) which takes 35mm film, and I then view the slides in a 'red button' Realist slide viewer which gives superb results. I have scanned some of the slides to make printed stereocards using the excellent program StereoPhotoMaker. A few of these cards are shown here.

You probably do not have a stereo viewer to look at these pictures. You may be able to see the stereo effect by free-viewing.

Clicking on the thumbnails will change the main picture (and the numbers below the thumbnail panel change their rows).

  • Cuban Classic
    Taken at a meeting of 'Los Amigos de Fangio' in Havana 2008
  • Steam engine detal
  • Cacti, Wisley
    This was actually taken with a single compact digital camera. Two handheld pictures were taken sequentially, moving slightly to take the two shots from roughly 2" to 3" apart. The resultant photos were then turned into a card using SteeroPhotoMaker.
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