Derek Medhurst


Photography has been a hobby for many years. I don't specialise in any particular subject, and over the years have probably tried my hand - and camera - at most things. If there is any broad style or approach that could be associated with my pictures it would probably be the tight framing and isolation of parts of subjects, and looking for a slightly unusual viewpoint.

a camera from the 1930sI don't feel compelled to buy the latest camera equipment just because it is the newest thing, although in 2009 I have now decided to get myself a digital SLR and start the learning process. However I still have my film cameras, including a rangefinder camera, and I also enjoy taking pictures with my 1950's Stereo Realist camera.

I have been a member of Sevenoaks Camera Club for many years. In the past I have been its Secretary and Chairman, but am now 'just' a Committee Member, and amongst other things look after the Club's website.

a stereo camera from the early 1900s
My interest extends to some historical aspects of photography, and I have collected a few old pictures, some representing early photographic techniques and some by early professional photographers working around Sevenoaks - see the Sevenoaks Photographers page.

I have included some of my pictures on the pages linked from the list below. The themes are not completely separate, and some pictures would fit into more than one section, but I've put them where they seem right to me.