Derek Medhurst

A photographic pot pourri

This selection may contain a few of my more "interesting" shots. I try to spot the unusual when I'm out with my camera, and some of these have been described as entertaining by people who have seen them. They are also disliked by some!

I don't simply try to be different for the sake of it. I enjoy looking for some creative approaches, and making myself — and viewers — think a bit. Unlike some in the photographic world I think a title is often useful, especially to guide people in the broad direction of my thinking about the photo.

The last few pictures in this section are taken using a pinhole attachment on my digital SLR camera. Taking these is particularly entertaining for me: what result am I going to get? But it's also something different for others to see.

  • Quest
  • A thought crushed
  • Storm brewing
  • Winter flight
  • Footsore
  • Murky shore
  • Grey day at the beach
  • Night falls
  • Natural power
  • Hastings guardians
  • Mona Lisa, The Louvre
  • Inside the dome of the Capitolio, Havana
  • Stretch
  • Scorers
  • Rain stoped play
  • Shades of Picasso
  • Bayonet practice
  • Shadow of time
  • On the wall
  • Wakehurst Gardens by pinhole
  • Millpond impression (by pinhole)
  • Millpond Woods, Sevenoaks (by pinhole)