Derek Medhurst


This selection varies from borderline standard to some of my more "interesting" shots. I try to spot the unusual and some pictures have been described as entertaining. They are also disliked by some!

I don't try to be different just for the sake of it. I simply enjoy looking for some creative approaches, and making myself — and viewers — think a bit. Unlike some in the photographic world I also think a title can often be useful, especially to guide people in the broad direction of my thinking about the photo. But that doesn't stop people making their own interpretation.


  • Milky Way over Bodiam Castle
  • Quest
  • Outlier
  • A thought crushed
  • Storm brewing
  • Winter flight
  • Murky shore
  • Grey day at the beach
  • Footsore
  • Into the light
  • River Darent
  • Rosa Cuisse de Nymphe
  • Inside the dome of the Capitolio, Havana
  • Stretch
  • Scorers
  • Mona Lisa, The Louvre
  • Free your imagination
  • Unchain your imagination
  • Carwash triptych
  • Trees of the River Darent triptych
  • Wakehurst Gardens by pinhole
  • Millpond impression (by pinhole)